Udupi Unexplored

What comes to your mind when you think of Udupi?

Slowly disappearing Sun at crowded Malpe beach? Spiritual feel at the famous Krishna temple or numerous divine temples spread across the district? Aerial sea view from the lighthouse of Kapu(Kaup) beach? Mysterious rock formation at St Mary’s island?

Well, you are not alone. These are the most visited places across the district and for obvious reasons these places will be on top of the checklist for the tourists visiting Udupi.

But there are many locations around Udupi known only to locals and are beautiful to the core and truly define the culture of the place.
‘Udupi Unexplored’ is our humble effort to explore these unexplored, hidden treasures of Udupi. This blog and video series will be very close to our hearts as Udupi is hometown to both of us. Hope you enjoy this journey as much as we did. Happy traveling!!!!

You can watch our videos on the places we have visited for a glimpse of our upcoming posts in this series.


Aroor is a small village in Udupi district of Karnataka. It is 16 km from Udupi town and 6 km from Brahmavara. With nearly 750 families residing, the population is 3,600.

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Heroor Hanging Bridge

Heroor hanging bridge is a small and beautiful bridge constructed across Madisalu river. This place is 13 kms from Udupi and 5.5 km from Brahmavara. This bridge is 130 meters long and connects Uppuru and Heroor.

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Mekkekattu Nandikeshwara Temple

Mekkekattu Nandikeshwara Temple is one of the very distinct temples in Udupi with the presence of hundreds of mysterious wooden dolls inside the temple. Close to a historical place Barkur, this temple is one of the must-visit spots around Udupi.

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Kallu Ganapati Temple

Kallu Ganapathi Temple is one of the beautiful temples hidden inside a small village called Shiriyara of Udupi district. This temple is unknown even to many natives of Udupi, and it makes a perfect entry for our Udupi Unexplored series. This temple is 28 km from Udupi and 15 km from Brahmavara.

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Kukkude is one of the many delta regions around coastal town Udupi. Honnala is another coastal village adjacent to Kukkude. Both are just 2.5 km away from each other.

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Hangarakatte is a rare village in Udupi with a functioning port and a ferry terminal. This unique place is just 7 km from our sweet home, and it made a perfect candidate for this Udupi unexplored series.

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Delta beach

Delta Beach or Kodi Bengre Beach is one of the unique beaches in Udupi where the confluence of the Suvarna river and Sita river merges with the Arabian Sea. The unique feature of this beach is that it is surrounded by water from 3 sides.

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Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

Kemmannu Hanging bridge is also called as Thimmana Kuduru Hanging Bridge. It is located in Thonse village and is just 7.5 km from Delta beach.

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