Delta Beach

Delta Beach or Kodi Bengre Beach is one of the unique beaches in Udupi where the confluence of the Suvarna river and Sita river merges with the Arabian Sea. The unique feature of this beach is that it is surrounded by water from 3 sides.

Delta Beach

Popularity of Delta Beach

Since the availability and accessibility of drone to common people have become easier and affordable, we got to see some amazing unseen shots of few places around us. Beaches of Udupi are not exceptional in this regard. This beach is one of the favorite among the drone fliers. The reason being it is one of those rare beaches where one gets to see the fierce Sea and calm river together, with a narrow, long stretch of coconut plantation separating both.

Delta Beach

How to reach Delta Beach?

Delta beach can be approached by 2 options. Tourists arriving from Kundapura or Brahmavara by 2 wheeler can opt for the barge service from Hangarakatte Ferry Point. Another option is to travel by road from Kalyanapura – Hoode road. More on this option on our next post.

Fishermen of Delta Beach


Delta beach is lacking ample parking facility at current moment. If you are travelling by 4 wheeler, very limited parking space, hardly for 2 to 3 vehicles is available. 2 wheelers can easily manage like any other place. Delta beach usually will be cleaner except for few days when Suvarna river had thrown too much of garbage onto the shore.

Delta Beach

One can spend time here gazing at the convergence of the Suvarna river into the Arabian Sea, the Shore of the other side of the land, And constantly sailing houseboats and fishermen boats. If you are visiting in the evening hours, you get the bonus privilege of watching beautiful sunset too…

Delta Beach

After spending around 20 mins Shooting footage and relaxing on the shore, we further proceeded towards Hoode and Kemmannu to visit our next destination: Kemmannu Hanging Bridge.


Live the experience!

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