Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

As I mentioned before, this post shows yet another example of how some beautiful places around us are overlooked by us until we go out and explore with the open aspect. But often we are blinded by the prejudice and the illusion of being too familiar of our surroundings. Being in costal land with lots of Kudurus (islands) and Delta regions, we recently discovered that there are lots of hanging bridges around our hometown itself. We already posted about Heroor hanging bridge in one of our last posts and in this post we are going to explore yet another hanging bridge near Thonse. i.e. Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

Kemmannu Hanging bridge also called as Thimmana Kuduru Hanging Bridge. It is located in Thonse village and is just 7.5 km from Delta beach. The first 5 km road from Delta beach to Hoode beach is an absolute beauty, with the Arabian Sea to the right and the River flowing at the left. This scenic road passes through the coconut tree farm, sleepy coastal villages, fisheries establishments on a narrow landscape of 100 meters surrounded by water.

On the way to Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

The best time to visit this place would be around August to October, right after the end of the rainy season, when the landscape is full of greenery. We suggest you to mark the directions we have mentioned in below section, as the possibility of getting lost in the network of beautiful stretches is high here.

Distant view of Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

This hanging bridge is around 100 m and two wheelers are permitted to ride on it. It connects a small island called Thimmana Kuduru with Thonse west. On confirming with the natives, we rode the scooter on the bridge, and it was such a thrilling experience. We ventured a bit in the Thimmana kuduru but soon realized that it may be private property and immediately returned to Thonse by the same bridge. Clicked few photos on the way back and finally returned to home via Kalyanapura and NH 66 highway.

On the way to Kemmannu Hanging Bridge

This completed our much shorter and very scenic morning exploration circuit in Udupi.


Live the Experience!!!

We suggest watching our short and crisp video on our visit to this place and let us know your feedback…

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