Day 8 – The Final Day

Date: 26-Apr-14

Today was the saddest day of our trip. Yes.. today was the last day of our honeymoon. We were feeling very bad to return. Our flight to Bangalore was at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The airport was bit far from our hotel, so we planned to leave from the hotel at 11.00 AM. While packing our bags, we felt that if we buy a new travelling bag, it would be helpful for us to carry the luggage. Thilak found in Google that there is a main bazaar in 2 km distance from our hotel. Since we had time till 11 o’clk, we decided to walk to the main bazar and buy a new bag. Thilak also found that there is a hotel called Madras café near our hotel which had got a good rating in Zomato. We left from the hotel at around 8.30 AM and went to the hotel Madras Café. It was a very very small hotel, but was too crowded. We wondered how it got a rating in zomato. We ordered Plain Dosa, upma, and vada. The food, especially Vada was too good.

After having breakfast, we walked to the main bazar. The road was very narrow and was not at all good. Thilak told me that Paharganj is a famous place for shopping and we also felt that. There were many foreign tourists. But, the place was very badly maintained. Since it was only 9 0’clock, many shops were closed. We could not find a shop where they were selling bags of good quality. After roaming there for some time, we found a shop and after bargaining for some time, we bought a bag for 450 Rs. It was already 10 o’clock by the time we finished our shopping and we had to pack and leave from the hotel at 11 o’clock. We took an auto from there to our hotel.

After reaching the hotel, we quickly packed our bags and checked out from the hotel at around 10.45 AM. When we enquired the autowala who was just outside the hotel, he said he would take 250 Rs to go to airport. We had decided to give not more than 150 Rs for the auto. When we argued with him, he did not agree to come for 150 Rs. After some time, we got another auto who was ready to come for 180 Rs. After we got into the auto, he asked us the terminal to which we are supposed to go. We were not sure of the terminal. We had assumed that distance for all the terminals would be same. Then, he asked us the name of our flight. Our flight was Air India. He told us that Air India flights would start from Terminal 2 and we have to take a different route to reach Terminal 2 and any auto driver would take 250 Rs. We were running out of time, so we agreed for 250 Rs. We reached the airport at around 12.30 PM. We finished all the checkin formalities quickly and waited for our flight to arrive. The flight arrived on time. The flight journey was boring as expected. We reached Bangalore at 4.30 PM. After collecting our luggage, we took BMTC Volvo bus to reach HSR Layout. We reached our home in HSR layout at 5.30 PM and thus our beautiful journey ended.

This entire trip was amazing. We had great time in Kullu-Manali, Agra, and Delhi. Every place we visited was new and awesome. The Chilling Manali, beautiful Kullu, hot Agra, busy Paharganj, everywhere we had wonderful experience. Both of us loved the culture, the art, and the people in these places. Overall, this lovely romantic trip gave us loads of unforgettable moments.

  • Route Travelled: Maanvi Hotel > Main Bazar > Maanvi Hotel > Delhi Airport > Bangalore Airport > HSR Layout
  • Photos: None

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