Day 5 – Goodbye Manali

Date: 23-Apr-14

Today was our last day in Manali. Both of us were feeling very sad to leave. The package did not have any plans for us today. Our bus was in the evening and we were supposed to check out from the cottage in the afternoon. So, we decided to pack our bags in the morning, clear the extra bills at the hotel, and roam near the cottage for some time. As planned, we packed our bags in the morning. Giri Singh produced us the food bill. The bill was around 800 Rs. It was as per our estimation.



After paying the bill amount to Giri Singh, we went to a place which was just behind our cottage. The place had nothing to see as such. But, the view from there was too good. There was large number of Apple Trees. That’s when we came to know why our cottage name was Apple Bud Cottages. Unfortunately, it was not the season for apples. So, we could see only the apple flowers, not the fruits. There was one old house. No one was living in that house, because it was in such a bad condition. We took lot of photos near the house. We could not go too far as it was not allowed and also we were short of time. We spent around one hour and came back to the cottage at 12 o’clk. Our bus was at 4.30 PM, so we checked with the cottage owner if we can keep our luggage in the reception till 3.30 PM. He was okay with that.

We kept our luggage in the reception and left to Mall Road. Both of us eagerly wanted to have south Indian meals. So, we went to Andhra Bhojanalaya and had south Indian meals. The food was too good. It was only 1.30 PM and we had 2.5 hrs more to go for our return journey. We decided to roam in Mall Road. In Mall Road, we did some window shopping in Tibetan shops. We simply roamed for some time and later came and sat in front of the Tibetan Monastery and kept talking till 3.30 PM. Many kids were playing there. Though there were many people, the place was calm. We had a great time looking at the activities happening there. At 3.30 PM, we started from there, took an auto and came back to ABC. We told good bye to Giri Singh and others in ABC, took our bags and came to the bus stop. The bus was already there at the bus stop as that was the starting point. We got into the bus. It was the same Swagatham tourist bus. At around 5.00 PM, the bus left from the bus stop.

Beas River

Beas River

The bus was going through the places which we visited in past three days. But, still we did not feel bored to see the places. It was such an amazing beauty. Both of us were watching outside the window, talking about the trip, the place, and the people. We enjoyed the journey and at the same time, felt bad to leave Manali.

We had said goodbye to the most amazing place and to the most lovely people. So, definitely it was not a very happy day for us. But, we were eager to experience the culture, the weather, and the beauty of Agra which was our next destination.

  • Route Travelled: Apple Bud Cottage > Mall Road > Bus Stop > Return Journey to Delhi.
  • Photos: Goodbye Manali Photos

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