Day 2 – Trek to Tallest Peak of Karnataka

Date: 3-Oct-14

Our today’s plan was trekking to the tallest peak of Karnataka, Mullayyanagiri and then visiting Baba Budan Giri. We have read in the review that drive to Mullayyanagiri is very dangerous because of narrow and not-so-well maintained roads. In almost all the blogs, we have got the same review. So, I was worried to go there by car. Thilak wanted to drive till Mullayyanagiri initially, but I did not allow him to do that. Finally, we decided to drive till Seethalayyana Giri and then trek from there.



We wanted to leave from the hotel at around 6.00 AM because we knew that many tourists would be visiting Mullayyanagiri and we wanted to drive through the narrow roads of the hill before the traffic started. But, later we realized that we would not be able to eat anything if we start so early. We knew that in Mullayyanagiri there are no good hotels, so we had to eat our breakfast and pack our lunch. Therefore, we left from the hotel at 7.30 AM, had breakfast at a hotel, and packed our lunch and started our journey.

On the Way to Mullayyanagiri

On the Way to Mullayyanagiri

The road to Mullayyanagiri was extremely amazing. There was greenery throughout. The weather was pleasant when we were driving through the ghat road. The road was as dangerous as we read in the review. It was very narrow. Thilak drove very carefully. Luckily, vehicles were less when we were ascending the hill. As we were climbing up, the view was becoming more and more beautiful and at the same time, the road was becoming risky. We could see huge green hills everywhere. When we reached Seethalayyanagiri, we could see a large crowd. There was a place for vehicle parking. I have read that, people who can’t climb Mullayyanagiri, they will climb at least Seethalayyanagiri. So, the crowd was more at the Seethalayyanagiri peak. People at the peak were looking like ants from the place where vehicles were parked. Seethalayyanagiri itself was looking heavenly. The hill was neither very tall nor very steep. Therefore, climbing its peak was easy. The view from the top was wonderful. There was green, green, and more green everywhere. It was looking as if we were standing on a huge green lawn.

We could see Mullayyanagiri from the top of Seethalayyana Giri and also the trekking path. The trek path had surrounded the Mullayyanagiri hill. We could see that the road was long and in some places very steep. Mullayyanagiri was around 3 km from the place where we were standing. The authorities have restricted vehicles from going to Mullayyanagiri because of the unsafe roads. So, the only option we had was to walk. Walking 3 kms is an easy task but walking a 3 km road which is steep in a sunny weather and climb 200 + steps after the walk was not that easy. Moreover, I had completely lost confidence on my energy. I was very doubtful if I would be able to walk or not. Thilak boosted my confidence and encouraged me. After all, trekking to Mullayyanagiri was the main agenda of our trip. So I made up my mind and was ready after Thilak’s motivating words.

On the Way to Mullayyanagiri Peak

On the Way to Mullayyanagiri Peak

The weather was not pleasant at all. I was expecting a chilling foggy weather but it was too sunny. Initial 1 km road was not that steep and we could walk without any break. After that, the road started becoming steeper. We walked slowly, took many short breaks in between. During breaks, we were taking photos and enjoying the nature. The view from every inch of the place was photogenic. When we were at the base of the Mullayyanagiri hill, I was completely exhausted and we still had 200+ steps to climb. We did not have water also to drink as I had dropped the water bottle (by mistake) when we started the trek. While climbing the steps, I think I took breaks once in every 10-15 steps. I felt ashamed looking at my energy. Thilak was not at all tired. He was fully excited. Though I was shouting at him for the tough time I was going through, inside my heart I was feeling grateful for him. Poor guy, he had to cope up with my pathetic speed. Finally, we reached the top after half an hour.

Yes. we were at the tallest peak of Karnataka with a height of 6330 ft. The thought of this made me feel worth the effort I had just put in. The view from the peak was breathtaking. The place had made me forget all my tiredness. Both of us sat there and enjoyed the nature for a long time. There was a temple at the top which did not fascinate us much.

Descending the peak was not at all tiring and we reached Seethalayyanagiri in 45 mins. The crowd had increased in Seethalayyanagiri and there were many small stalls. We took water bottles and butter milk to drink. Buttermilk was very refreshing. After gaining some energy, we started from Seethalayyanagiri in Nano.

Baba Budan Giri
Our next destination was the famous Baba Budan Giri which was around 30km from the place. Both of us did not feel hungry, so we did not have lunch.

Again, the same scenic road continued to Baba Budan Giri also. Everywhere there were green hills.

On the Way to Baba Budan Giri

On the Way to Baba Budan Giri

I started feeling sick when we were travelling to Baba Budan Giri. I was having severe headache because of the sunny weather. On the way, there was traffic jam in some places because of the narrow road and in one place, many vehicles were returning. The people there told us that the road from that point onwards is very bad. One person had warned Thilak that “Innova ne hogilla. Vapas hog bidi. Road swalpa nu chennagilla” (meaning: The road is so bad that their Innova itself could not go further). I eagerly wanted to go back because I was feeling sick and more than that the road was really very bad and dangerous. But, Thilak as usual, did not pay attention to the warning. He wanted to do rigorous stress testing with Nano I guess. There was no road at all for the next 4-5 kms. The road was still under construction. Everyone would have wondered how Nano was managing to travel in such an adverse road. But, our Nano had never failed us anywhere. This time also, it had passed Thilak’s test with flying colors. We just felt relaxed after the bad road ended and felt very happy about our super Nano.

Tough Road to Baba Budan Giri

Tough Road to Baba Budan Giri

When we reached the destination, Baba Budan Giri, the scene was as amazing as Mullayyanagiri. It was also surrounded by huge green mountains. Baba Budan Giri is a famous pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Muslims. The place was not very crowded. The crowd had both Hindus and Muslims. There was a shrine of Muslim saint Baba Budan and Guru Dattatreya inside a Cave like formation. We went inside the cave and returned in just 5 mins.

There was a hotel outside, but was very badly maintained. I was feeling very very sick and desperately wanted to go back to our room. We had coffee at the nearby shop and only after that, I felt bit relaxed. I don’t know if that was the coffee effect or the thought of returning to room made me feel good. We reached Chikmagalur city in 2 hrs. As soon as we reached, we went to Town Canteen which is famous for its dosas and had delicious dosas there. Then, we went to our room and relaxed.

Overall, the day was amazing. The spell binding view from Mullayyanagiri and Baba Budan Giri, the narrow dangerous roads leading to these places, tough walk to the peak, and horrible roads of Baba Budan Giri will remain in our memories forever. A very big thanks to Thilak who made me climb the peak of Mullayyanagiri and made me experience such a beauty. If not his support, I would have definitely given up the idea of climbing. Even bigger thanks to our Nano who took us successfully through the tough roads of Baba Budan Giri. Nano, definitely earned lot of love and respect from us today.

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  1. srikri says:

    We could feel how much your happiness would be when you are on the tallest peak of Karnataka. “We were at the tallest peak of Karnataka with a height of 6330 ft. must be a great experience.

    • Yes. It was a wonderful experience.. when we went there, the road was under construction.. so we had to walk and then trek.. though it was tiring, the final view made us feel worth the effort..

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