Someshwara Temple and Kolaramma Temple of Kolar

The second Sunday of 2018 and we have our brand new Tata Nexon at home. Why not go for a long drive, we thought and opted to go to Kolar and visit two temples – Someshwara temple and Kolaramma temple.  If you need a quick half day getaway from Bangalore? these are the one not to miss.

Our brand new TATA Nexon :)

Our brand new TATA Nexon 🙂

Date: 7-Jan-18

After having breakfast, we started from home at 10 AM and headed towards Bengaluru – Kolar highway. This was a well-known road for us. What was new was our car. It was a very smooth and wonderful ride on the highway and we reached our first destination, Someshwara temple at 12 noon. We chose these two temples because Someshwara temple is well decorated with beautiful sculptures and Kolaramma temple has got a rich religious significance. Someshwara temple and Kolaramma temple are the two must-visit places in Kolar and what makes the visit to these two temples more easy is that they are just a walk away from each other.

Someshwara Temple
Someshwara Temple Entrance and Pillared Hall

Someshwara Temple Entrance and Pillared Hall

Someshwara Temple was built in 14th Century and is a fine example of Vijayanagara style (Dravidian Style) of architecture. The entrance tower is huge and richly sculpted. The temple is well maintained by Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). As soon as you enter the temple premises, you can notice the wonderfully carved open pillared hall leading all the way to the main sanctum where Lord Shiva is worshiped in the form of Someshwara. Nandi situated amidst the pillared Mantapa is an absolute masterpiece and we got some wonderful photos of the same.

The beautiful Nandi

The beautiful Nandi

One of the main attractions of this temple is the Kalyana Mantapa (wedding stage). The art on the four pillars of the main stage is extremely beautiful. Almost all the pillars and walls of this temple are highly ornate which will definitely make you feel spend as much time as you want in this peaceful temple.

Heavily ornate Kalyana Mantapa

Heavily ornate Kalyana Mantapa

Apart from Kalyana mantapa, there is also Vasantha Mantapa and Yaga Shale near the entrance. Entry to Yagashale was closed during our visit and Vasantha Mantapa is comparatively simple in design.

Kolaramma Temple
Amazing carvings on the entrance door frame of Kolaramma temple

Amazing carvings on the entrance door frame of Kolaramma temple

After visiting Someshwara Temple, we headed towards Kolaramma temple which is only 5 mins walk from Someshwara temple. Kolaramma temple is highly significant for people of Kolar and Goddess Parvathi worshipped in the form of Kolaramma is the chief deity of Kolar. The temple built by Cholas is thousand years old and is a very normal looking temple. However, you can find very beautiful figures carved on the entrance door frame. This temple is also well maintained by ASI.

Wonderful creation depicting Rajendra Chola I in battle

Wonderful creation depicting Rajendra Chola I in battle

Near the main sanctum, a stone slab is kept which depicts the battle scene involving Rajendra Chola I. The carving is extraordinary and reminded us of Arujuna’s penance relief in Mahabalipuram. Photography is strictly prohibited inside the temple, so we could not take any photos of inside.

The main deity of the temple is Kolaramma in the form of Mahishasuramardhini. It is believed that the Goddess is so powerful that one must not see the Goddess directly, instead see the Goddess in the mirror. Another important deity here is Chelamma (Scorpion Goddess). It is a belief that Chelamma protects a person from scorpion bites. In the room next to main shrine, images of Sapthamatrikas are kept. On the outer walls of the main sanctum, you can find Chola inscriptions written in Tamil.

The opening and closing timings of the temple is different on every day. You can see the timings details in the photograph below. For non-Kannada readers, in the below table, the day starts from Monday.

Kolaramma temple timings

Kolaramma temple timings

We left from Kolaramma temple at 1 o’clock, had lunch at Vasudev Adiga’s hotel which was about 7 kms from the temple, and proceeded towards Bangalore. We reached home by 4.30 PM.

Below is the video log of our ride to these amazing temples. Please watch, provide your valuable feedback, and subscribe to our YouTube channel Steps Together.

  • Route Travelled: BTM Layout > Whitefield > Kadugodi > Kolar highway > Someshwara Temple > Kolaramma Temple
  • Total Distance (To & Fro): 173 km
  • Mileage (Car): 16 km/l
  • Fuel expense: 768 Rs
  • Total expense: 1348 Rs
  • Photos: Someshwara Temple and Kolaramma Temple Album

Route Map:

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  1. Congratulations on the new car, I can imagine the excitement to just out and explore it and attractions.

    The wedding stage looks a gem, i guess photographing a couple getting wedded there would be so marvelous.

    The second temple sounds great too, maybe if they allow camera inside we could see it someday.

  2. teamgsquare says:

    These temples are really beautiful. Sometimes back we lived in Kolar everytime we felt bore we visited the temples. So much of memories associated with the. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing!

  4. Congrats on the new car 🙂 Hoping you guys have many more journeys this year and in the years to come.. lovely post guys

  5. neelstoria says:

    Been to Someshwara temple a few years back, the intricate sculpture is fascinating. As for your new car – I love that car for its comfort!

  6. Jitendra Chaturvedi says:

    nice article

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    I am looking for the information regarding wedding. Please share your contact.
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  8. Krishna Mohan says:

    Thank you. We too enjoyed the trip because of you.

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