Date: 27-Feb-16

Our new travel partner “Avenger Street 220” had arrived in the first week of Feb and it was more than a month since we had our last road trip. Both the facts gelled together and made us plan for a bike ride to a nearby place called Bettamugilalam on  27th Feb 2016.


Bettamugilalam is around 100 km from our home. It is a small village near Denkanikottai taluk of Krishnagiri district in Tamil Nadu. Aware of the fact that, there is nothing to see in this village, we finalized on this place because all that mattered for us was the ride. The road till Denkanikottai was familiar because we had crossed this town during our Panchapalli trip.

We started from home at 7.15 AM, took the Electronic City > Attibele > Hosur road and had breakfast at a hotel called Ananth Bhavan near Hosur. Near Hosur bus stand, we took right and proceeded on the Denkanikottai road. There was less traffic on the road and weather was also considerate on us. The road was in a pretty good condition. Cruising on the Avenger is a real pleasant experience especially in a cool morning on a smooth road.

We took enough breaks to take photos of our bike with different backgrounds. This trip was more like journey-between-the-breaks 🙂 After Denkanikottai, we were unsure of the road towards Bettamugilalam. But, no worries! GPS is the game changer of modern days’ traveling. With the help of google maps, we proceeded towards our destination. The road went through many small villages. You can see few Marigold flower fields on the way and if you are lucky like us, then you can see the flowers in full bloom. Ride through the less populated villages is truly enjoyable.  Some stretch of the road was in bad condition. For those who are traveling in cars, these roads can be challenging.

Marigold Flower Field
Marigold Flower Field

After few kms, came the highlight of the ride. The terrain suddenly changed to forest. And to our surprise, we saw the entrance gate which looked more like checkpost for the forest was closed by a bamboo pole and there was no guard near the checkpost. Luckily there was a narrow passage enough for the bike to pass through and we took the chance. We were riding on a beautiful straight road which was going through a dense bamboo forest. There was hardly any vehicle on the road. Initially it looked bit scary, but later on, the ride gave us an amazing experience. There is a small lake inside the forest which looked very photogenic. The road through the forest was in good condition and the ride became one of its kind and truly unforgettable.

Road through Bamboo Forest
Road through Bamboo Forest

There are few twists and turns at the end of the stretch. Bettamugilalam is situated just a few kms after this stretch. As we mentioned earlier, there is nothing to see in this small village. We just entered the village, took 2-3 photos of the village houses and then started our return journey.

On the way back, we stopped for a long time in many places to take photos. The deserted road helped us in capturing the photos peacefully. We took a slightly different route to reach Denkanikottai. This road was in much better condition than the road that we took for our onward journey. We had lunch at a hotel called Saravana Bhavan in Denkanikottai. This is the only hotel that we saw during our journey. So, do not miss this hotel.

Bettamugilalam Village
Bettamugilalam Village

We finished lunch at around 2.30 PM and then we went to visit a temple called Betraya Swamy temple situated in Denkanikottai. The pond in front of the temple makes the temple look more beautiful here. From morning, we did not sit and relax anywhere. So, we thought to relax inside temple till evening. But, unfortunately, the temple was closed by the time we visited. When asked, the people there told us that the temple would be opened only at 4 PM. The sun was scorching hot and we were in no mood to wait outside the temple till 4 PM. We simply took some photos of the temple from outside and started towards Bangalore.

Betraya Swamy Temple
Betraya Swamy Temple

We chose to come via Thally road instead of Hosur road.  The road till Thally was nice. But, after Thally, the road was under construction for about 10 kms till Anekal. After Anekal, we took the Bommasandra > Electronic City road and reached our home at around 5 PM.

Green canopy
Green canopy

Mixed sensation of the direct heat of the sun feeling on the skin and cool wind rushing through your face makes you feel one with the nature and that’s what makes any bike ride stand out from others. Spectacular straight line stability with low vibration cruising made our new ride Avenger as right choice for the current ride and many more to come.


  • If you do not have love towards journey, then do not plan for this trip. Because, as a destination, nothing much is there to see in Bettamugilalam.
  • There are not many hotels on the way. The only hotel that we found was Saravana Bhavan in Denkanikottai. So, it is better to carry food.
  • The forest route is deserted. Be careful while traveling in this route and also avoid this road in the evenings.
  • You can also visit Panchapalli along with Bettamugilalam, if you have time. Panchapalli is around 24 km from Denkanikottai. More information on our Panchapalli trip can be found here.

Some pics of our Avenger Street 220:

Avenger Street 220
Avenger Street 220
  • Route Travelled: Onward: BTM Layout > Electronic City > Hosur > Denkanikottai > Bettamugilalam
    Return: Bettamugilalam > Denkanikottai > Thally > Anekal > Bommasandra > Electronic City > BTM Layout
  • Total distance (To & Fro): 200 km
  • Mileage (Bike): 43 km/l
  • Fuel expense: 292 Rs
  • Total expense: 719 Rs 
  • Photos: Bettamugilalam Photos

Route Map:

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24 Responses

  1. Very informative:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Arun says:

    Looks like an awesome place for a small road trip!
    The Avenger looks nice!

  3. For some journey is more important than the destination. I must say this journey especially the road through bamboo forest) is worth taking. Looks like you had a great deal of fun !

  4. xhobdo says:

    Nice to read. Awesome clicks.
    Thanks for your post 🙂

  5. Kumar says:

    Nice ride.. bike rides reduce you stress levels from your daily chores.

  6. Sri Kri says:

    Wow. Bettamugilalam a must visit place.How is the road condition now?When we went there was unpaved gravel roads for about 4 kms.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  7. Nice bike :). The road looks like after the checkpost. I missed visiting this place during our denkanikotai trip.

  8. Lovely picture, here to so more such road trips for you!

  9. Kalpanaa says:

    I love the photo of the road through the bamboo thicket. Very enterprising of you to head out just for the sake of the journey.

  10. So lovely. I love that last stretch of road with bamboo trees on either side…

  11. Now there is a cafe / farm stay, 20 mins away from Denkanikottai called Rocky Ridge Cafe. You can stay over and enjoy trekking aroud raw nature and hills.

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