Jog Falls

Date: 29-Aug-16

After spending some time in the view points of Unchalli Falls, we returned to the parking lot at 2.30 PM and started our journey towards the very popular, Jog falls, which is about 52 km from Unchalli Falls.

Jog Falls

Jog Falls

The road to Jog falls was amazing. In few places, we could see the vast green paddy fields which looked endless. We stopped near these grasslands for some time and took photos and then proceeded towards the destination. After following the route shown in Google maps, we reached near Jog falls at around 4.30 PM.

Endless green paddy fields

Endless green paddy fields

Jog Falls is the second highest waterfalls in India. It is created by the Sharavati river and is located near Sagar Taluk of Shimoga district. Jog falls is also called as Gerusoppe falls, Gersoppa Falls, or Jogada Gundi. This is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Karnataka. All thanks to its huge fall from the rocky cliffs, the waterfall attracts tourists from all over the country. The Sharavathi river drops here as four separate falls – Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket making it look extraordinarily beautiful. The Raja Fall is the biggest of all dropping from a height of 830 ft (250 m). The roarer fall is the one which makes the most sound and meets the Raja fall on its halfway down. Rocket shoots downwards in a series of jets and the Rani fall is the most calm and beautiful one.

There are around 1400 steps constructed to reach to the bottom of the hill from where you can get a closer view of this gigantic waterfalls. Since we were running short of time, we could not go down the steps. The clouds started to hide the falls as sun started to set down which made it look more stunning.

Clouds covering the falls

Clouds covering the falls

The Linganamakki dam built across the Sharavathi river is associated with this waterfall and the water level in the dam controls the flow. During summer, when there is less water in the Linganamakki reservoir, there will be hardly any water in the waterfalls. Rainy season is the best time to visit. When we visited, though the waterfalls was not in its full glory, the view was mesmerizing.

Keladi Rameshwara Temple

Keladi Rameshwara Temple

After having our evening snacks at hotel Mayura, which is near to the view point, we left from the place at 5.30 PM. Took Sagara route to reach Bangalore, because we wanted to visit Rameshwara temple in Keladi town of Sagara taluk. We reached the temple at 6.30 PM. The temple is very beautiful with wonderful art on walls and roofs. The historic stories are well sculpted in this temple. Since it became dark and we had a long way back home, we decided to come to this place once again in future and left from the temple at 7 PM and took the road that goes via Davanagere > Chitradurga > Tumkur and reached home at 2.30 AM.

  • Route Travelled: Onward: Unchalli Falls > Jog Falls > Sagara > Keladi
    Return: Keladi > Sagara  > Ranebennur > Davanagere > Chitradurga > Tumkur > Bangalore
  • Photos: Jog Falls and Keladi Album

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  1. dNambiar says:

    You got to see more water than I did when I visited. 🙂

  2. dNambiar says:

    Love that third pic of the Falls.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Jog Falls is high on my list! God knows when I would be able to tick it off!

  4. Beautiful description and pictures of the Jog Falls.

  5. Samanvay says:

    We were in Coorg this December and were totally taken by the natural beauty of Karnataka. This is another addition to the list of our to dos now.

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