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Kavi Shaila 10

Kavi Shaila and Kavi Mane

Date: 25-Jan-18 Yet another trip to our hometown from Bangalore and an opportunity to tick off one more place from our bucket list. This time, it was Kavi Shaila, a memorial built for the...


Sahasralinga and Marikamba Temple

Date: 29-Aug-16 After having a nice and deep sleep, we woke up to a pleasant cold morning. Our today’s plan included to cover the major attractions in and around Sirsi (Sahasralinga, Marikamba Temple, Banavasi,...

Chennagiri 16

Mesmerizing Malenadu

Date: 28-Aug-16 and 29-Aug-16 Few trips give such wonderful memories that the moments from which would never fade away from our minds. One such trip for us was to Malenadu. Though we did this...

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