Date: 01-Mar-2015

Srirangapatna is just 20 km from my sister-in-law’s home in Mysore. Even though we visit Mysore once in a month, I have not been to this place in recent years. My memory goes back to the time when I was in 1st or 2nd standard when I think of Sriragapatna visit. This time when we went to Mysore, we decided to visit this famous place and refresh my old memories. There are many places in Srirangapatna like Ranganatha Temple, Daria Dulat, Tipu Palace, etc.

We were sure that we would not be able to cover all these places as we left from home only at around 4 PM in the evening. We decided to visit as many places as we could. This was a family trip again with athige, bhava, Ayush and Avyukth.


We left from home at 4 PM. The weather was cloudy and was very beautiful. It only took half an hour to reach the place. We decided to visit Daria Daulat (Tipu’s Palace) before Sangama and Gumbaz. All these places were on the same route. It was around 4.30 PM, when we reached near Daria Daulat and as soon as we were nearing the entrance gate, the security guards were asking us to come fast and they were announcing that the palace would close by 5 PM. We had only half an hour to explore the place.

Daria Daulat (Tipu’s Palace)

The place was very neatly maintained. There was a huge garden in front of the palace and the flowers in the garden were very beautiful. The art inside the walls of the palace was mesmerizing. Every inch of the walls and pillars is filled with beautiful paintings. We could not take any photos as cameras were not allowed inside the palace. The palace had a museum that had the precious monuments of Tipu’s time, some belongings of Tipu and many paintings of Tipu empire drawn by British artists. The archaeological department has maintained this place very well. We were amazed to see such an artistically rich palace. After spending some time in the palace, we decided to leave from the place at around 5.15 PM.


Our next destination was Sangama. This is a holy place where the famous rivers Kaveri, Kabini, and Hemavathi meet. We assumed that the place would be neatly maintained and we would get a chance to play in the water. But, we were wrong. The place was not that clean and it was crowded. Thilak and I remembered our Muthathi trip. Since we could not get into the water, we left the place immediately.



Next, we decided to visit Gumbaz which is very near to Sangama. Gumbaz has the burial chambers of Tipu Sultan, his father Hyder Ali, and his mother Fathima Begum. It was looking beautiful from the entrance gate. In front of the Gumbaz, there was a beautifully maintained garden. We took many photos in front of Gumbaz. There were many Muslim visitors and the place was crowded. When the crowd reduced a bit, we went inside the Gumbaz. A guide explained us about the history of the place and showed the place where Tipu sultan and his parents were buried. The carvings on the Gumbaz and the paintings inside were amazing. At around 6.30 PM, we left from the place.


Since it became dark already, we decided to return home. We did not get a chance to visit the famous Ranganatha temple :-(.

It was a nice short family trip. We thoroughly enjoyed the paintings inside the Tipu palace, the crowded Sangama, and the beautiful Gumbaz.

Additional Info

  • Route Travelled: Mysore Home > Srirangapatna.
  • Total Distance (To & Fro): 40 km
  • Photos: Srirangapatna Photos

Route Map:

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  1. Nikhar says:

    Amazing place and beautiful pictures. Followed you on insta as well.

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