Date: 28-Jun-14
This was also a suddenly planned trip and this was my first trip from Mysore. When we checked with everyone at my Sinster-in-law’s home about Melukote trip, SIL and BIL did not show interest as they had already been to that place earlier and my mother-in-law could not come there as we had to climb steps in Melukote and she had pain in her leg. Father-in-law and Ayush were ready to come.


So, all four of us decided to go to Melukote in the evening. I had seen KRS dam only when I was very small, so Thilak decided to go to Melukote via KRS though it was a long route. We thought of covering two places in a day. We started at around 4.15 PM and took the road to KRS, but unfortunately the road that we took was closed. We checked with the people in that place about the alternate route and took the road they suggested. There was not actually a proper road. It was just a vast empty ground. But, many vehicles were coming by that way, so we assumed that we were on the right direction. After entering the tar road, we got confused. Thilak wanted to go left, but FIL and I asked him to go in the right direction. Both of us confidently argued with him that going in right direction would take us to KRS. Looking at our confidence, Thilak did not check the GPS and he took right in that road. But, after some time, we got to know that we came in wrong direction and Thilak was right. This road made us join Srirangapatna which was only half an hour distance from home and now we had taken almost 1 hr and we missed the chance of going to KRS. From Srirangapatna, it took us around 1hr to reach Melukote. The road to Melukote was too scenic. On both sides of the road there were lush green grasslands. We enjoyed the ride.


At around 6 o’clock, we reached our destination. We were scared if we could get Darshan or not as we were late. We parked the car near Kalyani and checked with the people about the closing time of the temple. They told us that the Yoga Narasimha temple which was on top of the hill would be closed at 7 PM and Cheluvanarayana Swamy temple would open only at 7 PM. We felt very happy for reaching on time. We spent some time near kayani. This Kalyani is very famous in Karnataka and many Kannada films are shot here. The kalyani which is called “Pushkarini Pond” is very huge and beautiful. After taking few photos near kalyani, we started towards Yoga Narasimha Temple. We did not have to climb all the steps of the temple. There was a very narrow road for vehicles to go till half way of the temple. We went in car till the half way and climbed rest of the steps.
The scene was awesome at the top of the hill. As with all other hills, we could see the beautiful view of the entire city which was around the hill. We took photos and then visited the temple. The temple was very old and beautiful. We spent some time in the temple and at around 7 PM, we climbed down and reached near kalyani. From there, we decided to go to Cheluvanarayana Swamy temple. When we reached near the temple, we felt very happy. The surrounding of the temple itself was very nice and the temple was looking even more beautiful than Yoga Narayana Swamy temple. It was huge and neatly maintained. The crowd was more. We waited in the queue for the temple to open. At around 7.20 PM, they allowed us for Darshan and we went inside. Inside the temple, the carvings were too good. Every pillar in the temple had different designs. We were surprised to see that. After spending some time in the temple, we came out. We knew that Melukote is famous for puliyogre, so we took some puliyogre powder for home and also some pulyogre to eat. As expected, the Pulyogre was amazing. At around 8 o’clock, we started from there and at 9.30 PM we reached our home.

The beautiful road to Melukote, the amazing view from top of the hill, the sculptures inside the temples, everything was mesmerizing.

  • Route Travelled: Mysore Home > Srirangapatna > Melukote
  • Total distance (To & Fro): 115 km
  • Mileage (Car): 22 km/l
  • Fuel expense: 408 Rs
  • Total expense: 618 Rs
  • Photos: Melukote Photos

Route Map

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