Date: 1-Jun-14
This was a suddenly planned trip. Rajath (my brother) was in our home this weekend. We wanted to go on a trip with him. Yelagiri, a hill station in Tamilnadu was the place which we thought easy to travel in a day. When checked in Google, we felt the place pretty good. As planned, we started from home at 6.00 AM. We had to take Hosur road to reach Yelagiri. The road was empty as we started early and as it was Sunday.


At around 8 o’clock, we stopped for breakfast in Kamath Upachar which was on the way to Krishnagiri. After having a tasty breakfast, we started towards Krishnagiri. The highway was too good. All of us enjoyed the drive. Thilak took the help of GPS to go to a place called Jolarpet. There, we had to cross a railway track and unfortunately there was a goods train standing near the crossing and the people near the crossing told us that it would take lot of time for that train to leave. We asked the alternate route to reach Yelagiri with one person who was walking there. He told us the way, but that road was in a very bad condition. There were huge potholes on that road and were filled with water. So, our option of that alternate route became invalid. Our GPS navigation helped us with another route which was a longer route. We did not have any other choice, so we took that route and started towards Yelagiri. The road was beautiful.

When we were reaching near the place, we could see the beautiful view of Yelagiri hills. Unlike other hills, this hill was large breadth wise instead of height wise. When we started climbing the hills, we felt amazing. The ghat was not that curvy as the hill was broad. As we were climbing the hill, the view was becoming more and more beautiful.  When we reached near the top, we stopped for some time and took photos. The view was beautiful from that view point. After spending some time, we left to Yelagiri. We did not have any place as such to cover. We went to the nearby park. The crowd was more in that park. There was a lake and boating facility was also available. Since the boating counter was crowded, we did not opt for boating. We explored the park and took lot of photos. We sat near the lake for some time and chit chatted.


At around 11.30 AM, we decided to leave. We did not find any interesting place nearby and also the weather was becoming hotter. We explored the city for some time in car. There were very less people. Many hotels and resorts were there, but none of them was open. We did not understand if the city will be like this always or only during non-season times. We did not get any proper hotel to have lunch also. So, we decided to have some fruits and to have lunch on the way.

At around 12.15 PM, we bought some fruits and returned from the city. We assumed that the train near Jolarpet signal would have departed and decided to take that road. But, our assumption was wrong. The train was still there. When we checked the alternate road where there was a pothole, one tempo was coming through that water filled pothole. So, Thilak decided to take that road. When the tempo driver came near us after crossing that pothole, he told us where exactly water is more in that pothole. Thilak bravely drove the car through that pothole avoiding the area which Tempo driver mentioned and we safely reached the main road. All of us felt thankful to that tempo driver. Thilak and I felt very happy about our Nano :-).

We had lunch at around 2.30 PM in Saravana Bhavan which was on the way. The food was too good. After lunch, we started towards Bangalore. Since the road was good, we could reach Bangalore nearly in an hour.
It was a short and sweet trip. Though there was nothing much to see at the destination, the drive on Hosur road and at Yelagiri ghat section was amazing.

  • Route Travelled: BTM Layout > Silkboard > Electronic City > Hosur Road > Krishnagiri > Jolarpet > Yelagiri
  • Total distance (To & Fro): 340 km
  • Mileage (Car): 20 km/l
  • Fuel expense: 1343 Rs
  • Total expense: 1966 Rs
  • Photos: Yelagiri Photos

Route Map:

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  1. VJ Sharma says:

    Never heard of this hill stations. Being a lover of hills, I am happy to come across your blog 🙂

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