Date: 4-Jan-14
Kanva is another quiet place (just like Thippagondana Halli) that we visited. We went to Kanva on 4th Jan. This was our first trip in the year 2014. We started from Jayanagar at around 11 AM. As we were not sure about the hotel availability in Kanva, we packed our lunch from the hotel. We reached Ramanagar via Mysore road. At Ramanagar traffic junction, we took a right turn and proceeded towards Kanva Dam through Kunigal road. The journey was amazing.



Roads were neat and on both sides of the road, there were coconut plantations which made the road scenic. We had a great time during journey. Kanva village was very silent and very neatly maintained.When we reached near the Kanva reservoir, we found that the water was very less near the dam and it was far from the place where we were standing. We were not sure if the car would reach till there. But, we took a risk and reached the place near the dam. There was very little water in the reservoir. The place was not at all crowded. We took some photos near the lake. As the weather was very hot, we decided to leave and come back there in the evening. We explored the place and parked the car in a nearby place where it was bit cool and where we could get the view of the reservoir. Then, we had our lunch in the car. The weather in that place was extremely beautiful. The cool wind blowing made the place look even more pleasant. We spent time there chitchatting for around 3 hrs. As it was still sunny near the lake, we decided not to go again near the lake and left from there at 3.45 PM. We came back via the same route that we took in the morning and reached Bangalore at around 6.30 PM.
Though nothing great was there to see in Kanva, we both had wonderful time there.



  • Route Travelled: HSR Layout > Jayanagar > Banashankari > Mysore road > Uttarahalli > Kengeri > Bidadi > Ramanagara (took right at Ramanagara signal) > Kanva
  • Total distance (To & Fro): 157 km
  • Mileage (Car): 20 km/l
  • Fuel expense: 612 Rs
  • Total expense: 930 Rs
  • Photos: Kanva Photos

Route Map:

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  1. Might be they can start water games there to make it an intersting place..

  2. shwetadave09 says:

    Nice place…being in Bangalore for long, I didnt visit this place…a pity 🙁

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