Thippagondana Halli (T G Halli)

Date: 23-Nov-13
We had no idea how this place Thippagondanahalli would be. All we knew was that it has a water resevoir and a dam. Thilak read in some blog that there are no hotels nearby. So, we had late breakfast and took parcel for our lunch. We started at around 11.00 AM from Jayanagar. It was very sunny that day. We took Magadi Road to reach Thippagondana Halli (T G Halli). The road was not good. It was dusty. We reached TG Halli dam at around 12.30 PM. But, the security guard told us that there is no entry for the dam. We were disappointed. We did not know what to do next.

TG Halli

TG Halli

We could see the glimpse of water reservoir from where we were standing, but had no clue how to reach there. With the help of Google maps, we somehow found a way to reach the place. But the road was a mud road and was very narrow. So, we parked the car in a safe place nearby and decided to walk.
We took our bags and parcel and started walking. The place was not at all crowded. We had to walk in the grasslands of that village. I rememebered walking in the fields of Aroor. The place was very similar to my hometown. After walking for about 20 mins, we reached the reservoir. In the blogs, they had mentioned that different kinds of birds would be visiting this place. But, unfortunately, we could not see any such birds there. We searched for a neat place to sit and had our lunch. The place was very silent. There were few villagers herding cows and goats near the place where we were sitting. We could see a temple on the other side of the reservoir. After having lunch, we sat there for some time, took photos, walked and explored the place for a while. At around 4.30 PM, we started back from there, walked for about 20 mins to reach our car, and left the place. We reached Bangalore at around 6.30 PM.
It’s in T G Halli that I realized, “when you travel with your loved one, even the most boring place gives beautiful memories”.

  • Route Travelled: HSR Layout > Jayanagar > Marenahalli Road > Magadi Road > Thippagondana Halli
  • Total distance (To & Fro): 110 km
  • Mileage (Car): 20 km/l
  • Fuel expense: 429 Rs
  • Total expense: 680 Rs
  • Challenges: No good hotels nearby.
  • Photos: T G Halli Photos

Route Map:

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  1. Yeah,, though there is nothing much to see, one can have a different experience here..

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