Chikka Thirupathi

Date: 28-Sep-13
We wanted to go on a long ride, but to a place not too far from Bangalore, so we decided to go to Chikka Thirupathi. Chikka Thirupathi is around 40 km from Bangalore. Thilak knew the place and he kept warning me that the place is not that great. Both of us were not really looking for a great place, we just wanted to go away from this busy Bangalore. We went there by car as we were supposed to tavel to Panchapalli by bike the next day.

Thilak wanted to experiment new route, so we took a long route via Varthur. We missed the way in between, but using Google maps, we could reach the destination without much delay. The wrong way we took had many villages and it was beautiful. We both enjoyed the drive.
In Chikka Thirupathi, we visited the temple. As we both are not so great devotees of God, we did not spend much time in the temple. The area around the temple was not very well maintained and there were few people wanted to loot us by asking money to take care of our slippers. So smart of us, we did not listen to them and instead of keeping with them, we kept our slippers safely near the temple :-). After visiting the temple, we just explored Chikka Thirupathi for sometime and found a place to park the car and chit chat. As usual, we talked, talked, and talked for around two hrs and started from there at 6.00 PM and came via ITPL. While crossing TCS Jal building in ITPL, I felt nostalgic.
Chikka Thirupathi was not that great, but the journey was beautiful.

  • Route travelled: Onward: HSR Layout > Jayanagar > Varthur > Chikka Thirupathi
    Return: Chikka Thirupathi > ITPL > Jayanagar > HSR Layout
  • Total distance (To & Fro): 107 km
  • Mileage (Car): 20 km/l
  • Fuel expense: 444 Rs
  • Total expense: 444 Rs
  • Challenges: No good hotels nearby.
  • Photos: None 🙁

Route Map:

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