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Hazara Rama Temple, Hampi

After visiting Sanapur lake and Vijaya Vittala Temple Our first destination post-lunch was Hazara Rama Temple. This is my most favorite temple in Hampi and we recommend you to add this to your Hampi...


Vijaya Vittala Temple and Stone Chariot of Hampi

After spending a spectacular morning at Sanapur lake, we headed towards the very famous Vijaya Vittala temple of Hampi.   Vijaya Vittala temple Vijaya Vittala temple is the most spectacular and the must-visit temple of Hampi....


Serenity at Sanapur Lake

Our stay at Gowri resort was a pleasant one. Though it was very basic accommodation, the place was amidst beautiful nature. Just in front of the rooms, there were green paddy fields and the...

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