Serenity at Sanapur Lake

Gowri resort

Our stay at Gowri resort was a pleasant one. Though it was very basic accommodation, the place was amidst beautiful nature. Just in front of the rooms, there were green paddy fields and the beautiful Sanapur lake was 5 mins away. There were two main reasons for us to choose this resort:
1) It is on the other side of the Tungabhadra river which is less crowded compared to the side where the major Hampi monuments are located.
2) It is very close to Sanapur lake.

I had thought that the lake would be like any other lake and was surprised to see the lake among the top 10 places to visit in Hampi in most of the travel blogs.

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Gowri Resort

Sanapur lake

The previous night, we had decided to go for an early morning walk near Sanapur lake and our resort owner Harsha fueled our thoughts by informing us that the lake would be at its best during sunrise. So, we woke up at 5.30 am, freshened up quickly, and left for Sanapur lake at 6 am. Along with us, Harsha and a few of the travelers who stayed at the resort also came for the morning walk. The lake looked extremely beautiful. It was not at all like how I imagined. It was huge and was bordered with hillocks which were densely filled with different sized boulders.

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Sanapura lake

What added more beauty was the cleanly maintained road that goes along the lake which made our morning walk a bliss. Sadly, it was cloudy and we couldn’t watch the sunrise. But, the sky was painted with a reddish color, covered with cottony clouds. We suggest you not to skip Sanapur lake when you are in Hampi. Try to make it for sunrise, if not, at least include this place in your itinerary. You can opt for a coracle ride too. Since we did not take this ride, we are not sure of the details.

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Sanapura lake

Towards Vittala Temple

After spending some time capturing the beauty in our cameras, we headed back to our room at 8 AM, quickly got ready, had our breakfast at the resort, checked out at 10 am, and headed towards Vittala temple which is on the other side of Tungabhadra. This time, we took the Anegundi road to reach the other side. It was a heavenly road. Initial stretch passes through Sanapur lake and then through vast, green paddy fields with bouldered hills in the backdrop.

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Paddy fields of Sanapur
Date: 10-Feb-18 to 11-Feb-18
Route travelled: Gowri Resort > Sanapur Lake
Photos: HAMPI – Day 2 Album

And the best way to explore Sanapur is to watch our detailed video. Don’t miss to watch.

Route Map:

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5 Responses

  1. KG Rao says:

    All Roads from Hospet or Anegundi side leading to this beautiful Sanapur lake are nice, Very less traffic even during Tourist season. Sanapur lake is awesome. Serene, very serene. Absolutely, No crowds at all.. Coracle ride was too good. Most importantly, water is pure & i drank directly from the lake, sweet very sweet Tungabhadra water. Paddy fields are divine like a green carpet. Oh.. road leading to Gangavathi was something i will not forget as you will be driving along the canal… Its paradise to the shutterbugs..

  2. KG Rao says:

    Dont miss Smooth Coated Otter park near Hampi. You can reach from Kamalapura or Anegundi side.

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