Mysore Dasara Exhibition

Date: 27-Nov-16

We all know how remarkably Dasara (Dusshera) is celebrated in Mysore. Also called as Nada Habba (State Festival) of Karnataka, this grand festival attracts huge crowd from different parts of the world. The city decorated with colorful lights, cultural programs showcasing the diverse art forms of India, and the disciplined celebration of rich royal customs make Mysore Dasara a must-watch event. The festive mode of Mysore Dasara extends in the form of Dasara Exhibition (held in Dasara Exhbition ground opposite to Mysore Palace) every year. Large number of stalls selling clothes, kitchenware, toys and eatables are set up. Different models showing the cultural uniqueness of various parts of the country (mainly Karnataka) are displayed. Many amusement rides and games are also set up to attract the crowd.

Here is a small vlog of the wonderful time we spent in Mysore Dasara Exhibition this year. Please watch, share your valuable feedback, and subscribe to our YouTube channel Steps Together.

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15 Responses

  1. Samanvay says:

    Loved the video.Captures the mela very well and brilliantly edited

  2. Nice… Its interesting to see how Dussera is celebrated over India…

  3. Alok Singhal says:

    Nice coverage, Dasara begins the year-end festivities 😊

  4. Nice post with a great video!
    Your posts are always very interesting and also provide all the necessary details. I have nominated your blog for the Bloggers Recognition Award. Please find the link at:

  5. Pratap J says:

    Interesting vLog! Thanks for sharing

  6. Always a Foreigner says:

    Beautiful vlog post!

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