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Sirsi Marikamba Temple 0

Sirsi Marikamba Temple

After spending relaxing time amid nature at Magod Falls we got into the car and headed towards our next destination Sirsi Marikamba temple. Even though we two had visited the temple earlier for my...

Magod Falls 0

Magod Falls

Sonde to Yellapur It was already 12:30 PM and in the next 6 hours we had to drive to the Magod falls via Yellapura with zero ideas about road conditions and come back to...

Sonda Vadiraja Matha 0

Sonda Vadiraja Matha

Unlike Sahasralinga which we both had visited before, Sonda Vadiraja Matha was a black box for us. We knew there were some religious rules to enter the mutt formally or to perform certain rituals...

Mirjan fort 0

Mirjan Fort

Route and the location Mirjan fort is around 58 km from Murdeshwar. We left Murdeshwar at around 11:15 and reached the place at 12 noon. Luckily it was cloudy that day and it saved...

Murdeshwara 2

Murdeshwara and Maravante beach

We were in our hometown for Deepavali vacation and after Deepavali, we had some more spare days to spend with family. What is the best way to spend quality time with family other than...

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