Lakkidi Viewpoint & Chain tree

Lovely panoramic view of Lakkidi viewpoint reminded us the scenery from Agumbe ghat view point and legend behind chain tree of Lakkidi added some extra spice of mystery to the visit.

View from Lakkidi Viewpoint
View from Lakkidi Viewpoint


Lakkidi viewpoint and Chain tree both are very close to each other and close to the place we stayed in Vythiri. There were no good restaurants around the place we stayed. Hence, we decided to get ready early in the morning and have breakfast on the way, near Lakkidi town, before visiting both the places. We ended up eating tasteless breakfast at Sahara Restaurant and proceeded towards our planned places.

View from Lakkidi Viewpoint
View from Lakkidi Viewpoint

Best route to Lakkidi viewpoint

Chain tree sits next to the highway, connecting Wayanad with Calicut. It is 5 km from Vythiri. Lakkidi view point is just 1.5 km from chain tree on NH 766.

Chain Tree

This tree gets its name from the ghost of a local tribesman named Karinthandan, whose soul is said to be captured and tied to this tree using a chain. According to a famous folklore, during the 18th century, a British officer with selfish motives killed Karinthandan. Since then, many road accidents in the nearby ghat pass, under mysterious circumstances are linked to the ghost of Karinthandan. Over the years, as the tree has grown tall, it said that the chain too has grown taller along with the tree mysteriously.

Chain tree lies right next to the highway NH 766. There is no dedicated parking space, though vehicles can be parked next to the highway itself. As there is nothing much in this place to explore, we spent around 15 mins here and proceeded towards Lakkidi viewpoint.

View from Lakkidi Viewpoint
View from Lakkidi Viewpoint

Lakkidi Viewpoint

Lakkidi view point is present at the very beginning of the Thamarassery ghat road (Thamarassery Churam) ascending down to Adivaram. It is popular as ‘Gateway of Wayanad’as it is entry point to the Wayanad for the travelers from coastal region of Kerala like Calicut.

This place is about 2296 ft (700 m) above the sea level. There are nine hairpin curves from Lakkidi to downhill town Adivaram through steep mountain road of Thamarassery Churam. This place offers beautiful views of the surrounding cliffs and valleys and the sneaking Ghat road.

There is no specific view point named as Lakkidi view point. It is easy to locate 2 to 3 places at the very beginning of ghat road where the road widens a bit. Beautiful scenery of the mountains can be seen from here when you are travelling from Lakkidi towards Adivaram. Parking of vehicles are allowed only on specific places where road is wide enough. Tourists parking all along the stretch often pose inconvenience for the vehicles travelling through the ghat road.

View from Lakkidi Viewpoint
View from Lakkidi Viewpoint

Towards Next Destination

After spending some time enjoying the views of the valley below at Lakkidi view point, we proceeded further down the Thamarassery ghat road. Our plan was to visit Manichery view point and Vayalad viewpoint before lunch.

View from Lakkidi Viewpoint
View from Lakkidi Viewpoint


Both Lakkidi view point and Chain tree are open 24 hours on all the days.

Tips For Travelers

  • Park your vehicle at designated location at Lakkidi view point.
  • Do not litter the place.
  • Visit Lakkidi view point during early hours or during evening time when the weather is pleasant.
  • Like always, start your trip as early as possible.
View from Lakkidi Viewpoint
View from Lakkidi Viewpoint

Places to Visit Nearby

DestinationDistance from Lakkidi viewpoint in km
Pookode lake4
Chain tree1
Eagle’s flight zipline11
Soochipara Waterfalls33
Edakkal Caves40
Manichery View Point35
Vayalada Viewpoint37

Food Options near Lakkidi viewpoint

Live the Experience

We suggest you to watch our short informative video on this place before visiting.

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