Hebbe Falls

Hebbe falls is one of the few waterfalls in Karnataka where journey to reach the waterfalls is as interesting and exciting as the majestic waterfalls. Located in the lush green surrounds of Bhadra wildlife sanctuary, extremely bumpy jeep ride to reach the waterfalls makes it more memorable.


After an adventurous trek to Kemmangundi, we still had plenty of time to explore around. We had to checkout from the Joe’s Home stay and breakfast was a must for us hungry souls. After having mandatory leech check, we returned to home stay. After freshening up had quick breakfast there and checked out from the home stay at 2 PM. We took the same route that we traveled for Z Point in the morning. Before reaching the Kemmangundi parking area, you can see the parking for Hebbe Falls at one of the U turn curve.

Hebbe Falls Parking
Hebbe Falls Parking

Best route to Hebbe Falls

Adventurous Jeep ride to Hebbe Falls

One needs to hire a jeep from the parking lot. They charged 4000 Rs for 10 of us (for both to and fro, 400 Rs/person). It is a fixed price and can’t be bargained. The bumpy road starts at the beginning itself and continues like this throughout the 13km stretch. The jeep drivers are extremely skillful and they seem like they have tamed those rough and tough roads. We didnt forget to look outside and enjoy the beautiful scenery even though we were totally cramped up inside the jeep. The view throughout the ride is blissful. 13 km jeep ride was completed in about 30 mins and the driver showed us the route to Hebbe Falls.

Hebbe Falls Route
Hebbe Falls Route

Walk trail to Hebbe falls

As there were many tourists, the driver did not come along to guide us to the falls. We have seen few drivers coming along with the tourists and helping with the route. There is a proper trail that leads to the falls but signboards are missing. If there are no one around, then there are minimal chances of getting lost.

Walk trail to Hebbe falls
Walk trail to Hebbe falls

We followed the fellow travelers and headed towards Hebbe Falls. The route is a beautiful stretch through the not-so-dense forest. The weather was very pleasant and luckily, there were no leaches. Though it was a bit slippery in some places, but was manageable. There are river crossings in three places. Since there was not much water, it was easy to cross. Ropes are tied across the river for support. So, there is no danger involved in this crossing. As we were approaching the falls, we heard the gushing sound of it, which pumped our excitement.

Walk trail to Hebbe falls
Walk trail to Hebbe falls

Hebbe falls

The first glimpse of it was a moment to cherish. The Hebbe Falls was falling down from a height of a whopping 551 ft forming two stages Dodda Hebbe and Chikka Hebbe. As there was more water in the falls, none was there below the falls. However, many tourists enjoyed the falls as it started flowing on the ground. It was wonderful to see the gigantic falls from a close distance. The surrounding forest, the falls, and the water stream formed out of it gave us the perfect ending for our trip.

Hebbe Falls
Hebbe Falls

After spending some time near the falls, we returned to the parking lot via the same route and took the jeep ride back to the Falls entrance gate.
We started to Bangalore from there at about 5 pm. and came on the same route that we took yesterday. We had our dinner at the hotel in Hassan and reached home at 12.30 PM.

Hebbe Falls
Hebbe Falls


6:00 am – 6:00 pm
6:00 am – 6:00 pm
6:00 am – 6:00 pm
6:00 am – 6:00 pm
6:00 am – 6:00 pm
6:00 am – 6:00 pm
6:00 am – 6:00 pm

Fee Chart

Jeep Ride:  400 Rs per person / 3200 Rs per Jeep (8 people)

Parking: Nil


Phone: 088675 50256 / 092432 22660

Address: Kesavinamane, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, 577131, India

Tips For Travelers

  • Be prepared for leech bite and don’t forget to carry salt & shampoo to avoid leeches
  • Elderly people better avoid visiting this place as both Jeep ride and walk from parking to falls may require moderate fitness level.
  • Avoid non-waterproof shoes
  • Avoid plastics and eatables. Please don’t trash the place
  • Private vehicles are not allowed inside the gate. Hiring the jeeps provided by forest department is a must.
  • Going in group of 5 to 10 is advisable as it reduces per head cost for hiring Jeep.
  • Best season to visit: July to September

Places to visit near Hebbe Falls

DestinationDistance from Hebbe Falls
Kemmangundi Z point5 Km
Kemmangundi Krishnaranjendra Park1.5 Km
Kallattigiri falls10 Km
Baba Budangiri80 Km
Mullayyanagiri68 Km
Chikmagalur Town62 Km

Food Options near Hebbe Falls

  • We stayed at Joe’s Homestay. It offers basic stay and food options
  • We recommend Vishnu Delicacy at Chikmagalur town for Breakfast and Lunch

Live the Experience

We suggest you to watch our short informative video on this place before visiting.

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  1. Syed Ammar says:

    This was around 8 – 9 years back. Now the route is changed and you hardly get 3kms jeep ride. You won’t even get any river streams to cross, just need to walk few meters on a muddy road. This is the old route which you are showing, and it was very very awesome.

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