Banavasi Madhukeshwara temple

Reaching Banavasi

Sun was slowly setting at the west and so was our hope to see Madhukeshwara temple in daylight. It was already 5:30 pm. We were still at Sirsi town and Banavasi was still 23 kms far. The last time when we visited Sirsi, this road was in pathetic condition and I remember taking almost an hour to drive the stretch. Luckily this time map showed the estimation of only 30 mins. Surprisingly road was in very good condition and within 30 mins as estimated by google maps, we were in the parking spot of Banavasi Madhukeshwara temple sharp at 6 pm. Sun was still stretching his day and we still had some time before it got darkened completely.

Madhukeshwara Temple Banavasi
Madhukeshwara Temple Banavasi


Banavasi is a large and oldest village with around 1500 families and a population of 6700.
It was once the capital of Kadamba rulers, an ancient royal dynasty of Karnataka.
They were established in 345 AD and ruled South India for at least two centuries. Madhukeshwara temple has plenty of parking space. Two beautifully carved little elephant statues welcome you to the temple complex.

Madhukeshwara Temple Banavasi
Madhukeshwara Temple Banavasi

Madhukeshwara Temple

Madhukeshwara Temple of Banavasi is one of the oldest temples in Karnataka. The temple was commissioned by Mayura Sharma from the Kadamba dynasty during the 9th century.
Additions and renovations to the temple were made to the temple by Chalukya and  Hoysala rulers later.

Bull of Madhukeshwara Temple
Bull of Madhukeshwara Temple

Like in all Lord Shiva temples, there is a Nandi in the front portico of the Madhukeshwara temple. The difference being the Nandi in this temple is very neatly carved, huge, 7tf tall, and made of pitch dark-colored polished stone. Madhukeshwhara gets its name from the Honey colored Shiva Linga worshipped as a main diety. Madhu is the Kannada equivalent word for Honey and so the name. The ceiling, walls, and pillars of the Nritya mantapa are exquisitely carved. An intricately carved stone cot is one of the primary attractions in this temple. Commissioned by the Sonde rulers, this cot is made of hard granite and is made up of ten separate pieces.

Stone bed at Banavasi
Stone cot at Banavasi

The setting sun at Banavasi marked the end of our memorable Uttara Kannada trip. We drove back home via Hulikal Ghat road.

Nandi at Madhukeshwara Temple
Nandi at Madhukeshwara Temple

The route we took

Live the experience!!

Isn’t it great to experience the trip yourself?

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