Monthly Archive: February 2021

Sonda Vadiraja Matha 0

Sonda Vadiraja Matha

Unlike Sahasralinga which we both had visited before, Sonda Vadiraja Matha was a black box for us. We knew there were some religious rules to enter the mutt formally or to perform certain rituals...

Sahasralinga 0


The Plan It was day 2 of our Uttara Kannada Sirsi trip. We got up early and started early in the morning by 7-30 by checking out from the hotel we stayed in Kumta....

Yana Caves 0

Yana Caves

After Mirjan Fort After spending around 1 hr at Mirjan fort, we headed back to Kumta at 1 pm. The plan was to check in to the hot Mahalaxmi comforts at Kumta (where we...

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