Agumbe Via Chikmagalur

Agumbe is one of the moistest places in Karnataka and is also called as Cherrapunji of Karnataka. It can be reached from Bengaluru via Chikmagaluru or via Shivamogga. This is the writeup about the experience we had driving home back on 15 Jul 2019 via Chikmgaluru and Agumbe ghat.

Having a hometown in a place like Udupi is the biggest plus point for us living in Bengaluru. Every time we plan a visit to hometown it will be yet another memorable road trip. No matter what route you choose, western ghat will welcome you in its own charming way. And when it is mandatory for us to cross western ghats to reach home, it is obvious that we have to witness dense forest with the lush greenery.

Agumbe Ghat Road

Reaching Agumbe via Chikmagalur is one of our most favorite routes to travel to our hometown Udupi among all others. We usually start from Bengaluru as early as possible. 4 am is the ideal time we normally start. By 8:30 we can be at the beautiful town of Chikmagalur to have a quick breakfast at Vishnu Delicacy Vegetarian Restaurant.

Agumbe Ghat Road
Beginning of the Ghat stretch

To take Agumbe route to reach Brahmavara, you need to proceed around 10 kms towards Kottigehara from Chikmagaluru. You will get a diversion after 10 kms going straight will take you to Kottigehara and Charmadi ghat. Taking right diversion will lead to Aldur, Balehonnuru, Sringeri and Agumbe. Real pleasure of driving the car begins from here. Starting from this point till we reach foothill of Agumbe ghat its a dream route to drive.

Agumbe Ghat Road

In the below video we tried to capture the beauty of this route. This video is very much close to our heart as it was shot on the right season and the weather and nature were so much beautiful and landscapes across the route are filled with lush greenery. We have not included much information in the video purposefully to provide you the relaxing experience of driving through mother nature during one of those rain-soaked days. Hope you enjoy the video as much as we did shooting this. Watch our video on this below.

Few images from the journey

TCS bus on Agumbe
TCS bus service: Connecting Malenadu to the rest of the world.
Agumbe Ghat Road
Agumbe Ghat Road
Agumbe Ghat Road
Agumbe Ghat Road
Route direction:

Toll booth and amount details

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  1. Wow! What a scenic drive. Just the kind I love. The lushness of Agumbe & Chikmagalur adding so much beauty to it

  2. What a lovely journey. Did you stay at Augumbe?


    Wonderful video. Thank you

    We are planning a trip from Chennai to Kollur , through hassan, Chickmangalur , sringeri , agaumbe and Kollur Mookambika.
    Leg-1 :- Chennai to Chickmangalur and stay @ Chickmangalur. Can you suggest a goo place to have lunch and refresh probably between Hassen & Belur?


  4. Dr.Arun Prashath says:

    Hi brother !
    I’m trying to reach you by insta and also by mail, kindly do reply me.

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