Pyramid Valley

Date: 7-Dec-14

This was a very quickly planned trip. Not exactly a trip, but a long ride. After many days, this weekend, we got some free time to spend alone. We did not go anywhere on Saturday, but on Sunday we were getting bored to sit at home. So, Thilak gave an idea to go on a long ride to Pyramid Valley in the evening. Pyramid valley is a famous meditation center in Bangalore. Both of us wanted to visit this place for a long time. On TripAdvisor, the place had got very good reviews. So, we finalized our plan to visit this place in the evening.

Pyramid Valley
Pyramid Valley

Reaching Pyramid Valley

Pyramid Valley is not very far from our home. The place is on Kanakapura road, near Haro Halli, and is around 35-40 km from our house. We started from home at 4.15 PM. Luckily, the traffic was less and the weather was beautiful. Thilak drove slowly and steadily just to enjoy the ride. After 14 kms from Kaggalipura, we could see the Pyramid Valley bus stop. We took a left near the bus stop which led to Pyramid Valley. There were clearly written directions everywhere. So, we did not find any difficulty in reaching the place.

The Campus

When we entered the Pyramid Valley premises, we could see many vehicles in the parking lot. We had assumed that the place would be deserted, but we were wrong. The place was extremely calm and full of greenery. We had to walk from the parking lot for around one km to go to the Pyramid. The path leading to the pyramid was very neatly maintained. There was a small pond, a small garden, a playground, cafeterias, cottages, and so on. Both of us were shocked to see such a well-maintained place.

The campus was so huge that, though there were many people, the place did not look crowded. After walking for around one km, we got a glimpse of the Pyramid which was huge and beautiful. This pyramid is called a Maitreya Buddha Pyramid and is said to be the world’s largest meditational pyramid. Near the pyramid, there was a big Buddha statue and a Gandhi statue. I just loved the Buddha statue.

Inside the Pyramid

When we went inside the pyramid, what shocked us was the pin-drop silence. There was an extremely large meditation hall inside and there were many people doing meditation. The place was very dark and very soothing music was playing. It was a perfect atmosphere for meditation. After spending some time in the meditation hall, we came out of the pyramid and explored the surrounding for some time. There was a nice wooden bridge outside the pyramid and we could get an attractive view of the pyramid after crossing that bridge. There was a book store at the base of the pyramid. After seeing the collection in the book store, we came out, sat in the garden in front of the pyramid until it became dark. We started our return journey at 7 PM and reached home at 8 PM.

It was a beautiful ride and an extremely peaceful destination. No one from the center forced us to join the organization or asked us to contribute. There was no entry fee. They also provide free lunch and dinner every day. Both of us were highly impressed to see such a nice arrangement. Pyramid Valley is definitely one of the gems Bangalore has. The calm atmosphere inside the campus made us feel refreshed. Thus, our quick ride gave a very happy ending to our weekend.

Additional Info

  • Route Travelled: BTM Layout > Kaggalipura (Kanakapura Road) > Pyramid Valley
  • Total distance (To & Fro): 70 km
  • Mileage (Bike): 44 km/l
  • Fuel expense: 111 Rs
  • Total expense: 261 Rs
  • Photos: Pyramid Valley Photos

Route Map:

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2 Responses

  1. hey nice to know about this place. Must visit soon. Wonder what the library is like?

    • Thanks for reading the post.. if you are a peace lover, this is definitely a must visit place.. the library in Pyramid valley is very well maintained.. It has large collection of spiritual books.. you will find few decorative items too..

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